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Find this image on  Gatton Road, Reigate  Hethersett Close, Reigate  and year 1920 

Image number 1880
oldmerstham.com image number 1880
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"Hethersett", Reigate. 1920. Unknown publisher.
Comment 1

Patricia Aubrey from Ascot, Berkshire posted this comment on Saturday 18 June 2011 12:15:00.

Hethersett belonged to my great-uncle - Julius Auerbach and lived there with his wife, Helena Auerbach from 1894 to 1956. It is our family home.

However,unfortunately, because my father, Harold Auerbach, his nephew, did not continue the family busines - Dreyfus & Co - Julius's wife, Helena, left the house to the secretary who in turn left it to the RNIB in 1952 to set up a Residential home for the blind. We have several photos of the house and some original etchings. The house should have gone back to the family but we did not claim it. I went to visit it myself in 1991. If you would like further information about the house or its owner, Julius Auerbach - please contact me via my e-mail address: - Patricia Aubrey (formerly Auerbach)- great-niece of Julius Auerbach.

Comment 2

Charlotte Copus-Hayes from Clapton, London posted this comment on Friday 27 April 2012 00:29:00.

I'm interested to know about a gallery called Hethersett Galleries on Philanthropic Rd. Was it based in this house? I bought a pencil illustration in a charity shop which has the gallery's sticker on the back. The frame looks 1970s ish style. In particular does anyone know of a link to E H Shepard as the drawong is of one of his Winnie the Pooh illustrations but probably a copy by someone else ( no visible signature). Fascinating to read about the house, though I've. no local connection.


Comment 3

rue from London posted this comment on Monday 14 January 2013 16:49:00.

This looks very Gothic, almost worthy of Horace Walpole.

As a matter of interest, can anyone tell me what was on the land in Gatton Park road, where the modern Parkside Court now is?

It must have been a substantial house, or hospital perhaps.

Comment 4

David Harrington from Reigate posted this comment on Thursday 13 June 2013 10:58:00.

I would love to see any other photographs of Hethersett House. My late father was associated to the RNIB for some years.

Comment 5

David Rogers from Kemsing, Kent posted this comment on Monday 02 November 2015 19:16:00.

I went there with my school in 1975 to play cricket. The blind school had a team that played using a large ball filled with lead shot so that they could hear where the ball was. I have very fond memories of a lovely summer's evening. My form master at Purley Boys also worked at Hetherset.

Comment 6

Peter Steward from Hethersett posted this comment on Monday 11 April 2016 21:52:00.

I run a web site and electronic magazine for Hethersett which is a village about six miles from Norwich on the London Road and just off the main A11. I have been told that the original owner came from Hethersett in Norfolk. I come from Hethersett and ironically my niece lives in Reigate but has never mentioned Hethersett House

Comment 7

Anne McLaughlin from Limpsfield Surrey posted this comment on Monday 17 October 2016 13:45:00.

I have been researching my family tree and found that my great great uncle was Head Gardener and lived at Hethersett Lodge, Wray Lane in 1901. I wonder if he worked for the Auerbach family at Hethersett. He later had a nursery and florist shop in Wray Lane which his son took over. If anyone can confirm this or has any photos I would love to hear from you. Anne

Comment 8

Patricia Auerbach from London posted this comment on Monday 17 October 2016 15:42:00.

Yes your great great uncle worked for my great uncle Julius Auerbach. He owned Hethersett from 1890 - 1924. He died in September, 1924 age 64 years. His wife continued to live there for a few years before selling it on. She passed away in 1955.

Regards Patricia Aubrey

Comment 9

Michael Orrow from Rochdale posted this comment on Tuesday 13 December 2016 11:37:00.

was a pupil at Heathersett in 1975. I also remember the cricket match on the common that David Rogers is referring to. Funny the things we remember. I remember it as I played Silly Mid Off and managed to take and hold on to a well struck ball. Took the wind out of me.

Comment 10

kathy atherton from dorking posted this comment on Wednesday 22 February 2017 18:02:00.

I am researching the history of the campaign for the vote in the dorking/reigate area. Mrs Auerback (helena, Julius's wife) was very active in the non-militant campaign and hosted many events at Heathersett. are there any photos of her surviving?

Comment 11

Patricia Aubrey from Acton,London, W3 7BH posted this comment on Saturday 25 February 2017 00:11:00.

Dear Kathy,

Thank-you for your interest in my family. Yes, I have one photo of my great aunt Helena Auerbach. I don't have it scanned at the moment. She was on various committees - I believe she was the Treasurer on most of them - of the Suffragette movement during the 1920's. There is quite a lot of information about her on the internet if you just google her name - and more photos of her. Please contact me anytime, should you want further info. You can email me or call me on my mobile - 07716311400 . Kind Regards - Patricia Aubrey (Auerbach).

Comment 12

Anthony Twyman from Clacton posted this comment on Tuesday 11 April 2017 13:26:00.

My parents were friends with Hellen and Jasper Otley who lived in the gatehouse in the mid-50's. I remember seeing the main house in a sorry state having been damaged during WWII with the upper floors and the contents of the rooms (beds/wardrobes etc) in clear view. I was about 8 years old at the time.

Comment 13

Anthony Twyman from Clacton posted this comment on Monday 17 April 2017 10:08:00.

Comment number 12. My apologies to Hetherset, I was confusing it with Quarry HiLL house and Lodge.

Comment 14

Beryl Sheppard from Benfleet, Essex posted this comment on Monday 26 March 2018 16:31:30.

I've just come across this post and found it fascinating to read the history of the building I worked at when it was known as RNIB Hethersett Centre for Blind Adolescents. I was Beryl Starmer in those days and worked there as Office Secretary to the Principal from 1977 to 1984. Mr Cunliffe was the Principal and he and his staff did some fantastic work helping many visually impaired youngsters (all school leaving age) to progress into suitable gainful employment. I would love to hear from any of them if they too should stumble upon this page - oh the wonders of modern technology!!

Comment 15

Robert Pembroke from Dagenham posted this comment on Monday 02 April 2018 15:12:23.

I was a student at Heathersett in 1971. Mr Cunliffe was principal and mr Kettle was deputy. I had never been away from my home until I went to Heathersett and I found it difficult at times. I had very good sight at that time except when it was dark, I lost all my sight by the time I reached my mid thirties, I was 16 years old in 1971. I too played cricket and was pretty good out in the field, but I was a bit of a slog em and run type of batsman. I learnt much about engineering with Mr Hockley and my first real job was working in a local factory, so Heathersett gave me a good start to my working life. I often wonder what happened to all those folk I met during that year. Cheers Bob.

Comment 16

John jacob from Huddersfield posted this comment on Sunday 19 August 2018 21:48:55.

I was one of the 2 cooks at Hethersett from about 1969 for a couple of years. Mrs Semen was the head cook, and Mrs Keens was the head housekeeper. I met Miss Liz Moulder, an American teacher there and we married for a couple of years. I travelled around for some years then I went i7nto Further Education and finally retired as a FE College Assistant Principal. I only have good memories of Hethersett.

Comment 17

lorie heshka from nanaimo, bc, canada posted this comment on Sunday 31 March 2019 16:33:24.

Hello, my grandfather, John Jack Harris, was a gardener at The Gardens Hethersett, Reigate according to the 1911 Census of England. William Morgan Blackwood signed the census form. I have been told that when he came to Canada he had inhand various Letters of Reference to help him with employment in Canada. If you can tell me anything more about John Jack Harris I would really appreciate that.

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