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Find this image on  Gatton Road, Reigate  and year 1956 

Image number 1886
oldmerstham.com image number 1886
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"Little Gatton", home of the late Sir Donald Campbell. 1956. Unknown publisher.
Comment 1

jaqueline mitchell from cirencester posted this comment on Monday 26 September 2011 10:38:00.

i have discovered that my father lived at Little Gatton as a small child. I wondered if you had any more pictures/information.

Comment 2

Phyl Gordon from Croydon posted this comment on Saturday 07 January 2012 13:37:00.

I used to stay at Little Gatton as a small child

Comment 3

Georgina Hayman nee Lowe from Swansea posted this comment on Friday 03 February 2012 02:27:00.

My parents used to live at Quarry Hill House 1959-1986/and then built Old Garden House 1986-1993 (ish!) on Gatton Road. I used to visit Little Gatton very frequently to visit my friend; the house then belonged to the Smedley family (of frozen pea fame). There used to be a bothy to the side of the house that we used to love playing houses in. The garages to the side were used to keep the famous racing cars in when the house belonged to the Campbell family.

There were 2 large houses at the end of Gatton Road near Wray Common, Nethercote (only the Lodge remains now) and Greystones (nothing left), and Hethersett opposite Little Gatton. Quarry Hill House has perhaps survived because it was divided up and the owners never agreed together to have it demolished. Before us, from the 1950s, Colonel Bain, the Cox family, & the Pettit family and the Darnell family lived at Quarry Hill House. Over the years the Trembath family, the Lowe family, the Holbrook family, the Warner family , then the Kirton family lived in various divisions of the house. I have lost track since the 1990s.

When we moved to Gatton Road in 1959 there were very few other houses in Gatton Road. The views across the countryside were spectacular and everywhere was light and open. I am saddened to find now how many heavy evergreen trees are around, and how dense the hedging is. However I still remember the wonderful walks across the Downs especially with our two dogs.

Comment 4

Joanna Friel from Chislehurst posted this comment on Wednesday 12 December 2012 14:06:00.

I believe this is the house where Sir Malcolm Campbell died, he was born and s buried in Chislehurst, Kent. Does this house still exist, can anyone send me a photograph?

Comment 5

David Evans from Bexley posted this comment on Monday 24 December 2012 02:16:00.

This house still exists. My mum lives just along the road from it.

part of the garden has been built on in recent years but the house and garages remain apparently well cared for

Comment 6

Linda Holloway (nee Middleton from Cullompton, Devon posted this comment on Tuesday 28 January 2014 14:22:00.

All these postings about Gatton Road ring many bells with me as my family built one of the houses in Gatton Close in 1961/62, (there were 4 others on the new-road site) and stayed there until the mid 1980s. The plot (Hillview) was incredibly steep but the views from the top were magnificent. My parents were very keen gardeners and landscaped it beautifully into beds, paths and terraces. That top boundary was between us and Hethersett grounds.

Georgina, I remember coming to your house to play, and also we used to go to the Smedleys house to play with a friend there, but I cannot remember her name.

I also used to visit Hethersett because another friend lived there as her father worked at the School for the Blind. I recall being invited to go around the work rooms to watch what the people there were making: it was a hive of industry and training and I remember being amazed at it all.

Comment 7

Robert Turnbull from Albion, Mauritius posted this comment on Thursday 01 March 2018 18:20:57.

Very pleased to see photos of Little Gatton. I lived in the Lodge during the late 70s/early80s and loved the area. Needed more space! The lodge was OK for 2 but not when family came along!

This image was uploaded on Sunday 24 February 2008 16:24:16.

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